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The power of social media is undoubtedly strong, with a large portion of the world’s population regularly accessing Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and the like on a daily basis. As the name suggests, social media is social in all senses, and can, in fact, bring people together in a way that perhaps might not be possible without the convenience of online communication.

Local communities have evolved massively from those of the past: gone are the days of the small-town feel, with regular meet-ups in the village hall, everybody knowing everybody, and entire generations of families living streets away from one another. Nowadays, local communities are broader and more diverse than ever- which is certainly a positive evolvement. However, when it comes to bringing everyone together as one, it can be fairly difficult to master.

Here is where Instagram may be able to help. Listed as one of the top six most-used social media platforms of the present day, the picture-sharing app is a favourite of people of all ages and backgrounds, and for good reason.

Like with all social media platforms, Instagram effectively connects the whole world, allowing its users to closely follow the lives of, and form ties with, whoever they choose, even those across the world. While this is a clear benefit of the app, it can make the idea of trying to bring a local community together seem challenging to say the least.

However, that’s not to say that building local community spirit on Instagram is impossible. Many local businesses use Instagram as an effective platform to share their products and services to their potential nearby customers, and to much success. Going beyond this, some cities and towns have Instagram pages set up specifically for posting about events and happenings in the local area, which attract a substantial community following, this is even more effective if your know how to use instagram plus the more you use it the better.

There is plenty that can be done on Instagram to raise community spirit. The location feature allows for people to post pictures and videos and tag a local area, so that anyone visiting that location tag can see what its locals have been up to. Online banners and posters can also be posted to the platform to highlight upcoming events, raise awareness of a cause, or call for members of the community for help or information.

Ultimately, when used correctly, Instagram can make an ideal platform for bringing communities together. While it perhaps isn’t the first place people think to visit to catch up with local news and information, many users of the app do engage with relevant local accounts fairly regularly. Given the right approach and tools, and with the perseverance to succeed, local communities can benefit greatly from the power of Instagram.



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